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Get Up for Business

Get Everything Under iControl.

A Word to the Wise
Content, as they say, is king. And when it comes to ruling one’s domain, there’s no content management tool that’s easier to use than iControl. With iControl, you write, edit, and revise 24/7/365 - on your own watch, on your own nickel--so your message is always fresh.
iControl on Ecommerce
In a perfect business world, actions lead to transactions. That’s why iControl gives you all the tools you need to turn inquiries into sales. Your customers want a safe, secure “shopping” environment. We make sure they have it.
Get in on the Interaction
Keeping your clients engaged, informed, and excited is the best way to keep business buzzing. So at we give you more ways (personal and professional) to get-and stay in touch with your base. Want to increase interest? Push the sales curve? We’ll hook you up with something special.
Self-service for the Self-motivated
Nobody wants to wait around for some program geek or over-paid designer to update the content on their website. Especially when business is on the line. Take charge with iControl--the online platform that gives you the power to “do it yourself”--from changing content and adding products, to simply staying in touch.