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Employment Opportunities

ILGM is a diversified internet company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The ILGM family is dedicated to providing the finest quality internet products and services. One of the components used in accomplishing this mission is creating a positive working environment for our staff based on honest and ethical business practices that also provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

* Resumes are not required for employment, but a complete description of your qualifications and any references is.
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Positions Available:
(Last Updated: Thursday - March 17, 2011)
Colorado Springs / Denver
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
Location -- Colorado Springs / Denver
Department: Search Engine Optimization Hide Positions
Position: SEO Specialist

Job Summary

We are looking for someone that understands and can create comprehensive SEO strategies, which stresses strong "organic" search results for our clients who are using our Online Content Management System - iControl WebStudio.

You'll be expected to get the foundation of their keywords correct in the beginning with optimal keyword research and of course, selection. In addition, looking at the highly competitive keywords, but be willing to include a wider reach using a "long tail" approach. However, if they are in a niche market, or the keywords are not highly competitive, use the targeted keyword selections to boost their rank organically.

Because Search engines use robots to search text to index and rank web pages, you'll need to give them what they want – relevant keyword-rich text. We expect you to write for humans first, then the search bots second. Put yourself in the searchers' shoes. What will people type into a search query field to find the clients website? You'll be expected to give them what they want by using the clients existing content to write more relevant content, keywords and links lightly drizzled throughout their site. Title the pages properly and use the Heading 1 <H1> tag in their content.

Part of the first impression searchers usually get after they look at search results is how the browser page titles show in the results. You MUST understand this important fact clearly. It is crucial to have top keywords in page titles for the bots and the searchers.

I have given you a very clear picture of what we are expecting in a SEO Manager, here are a few more details:
  • This is a part time position that can be preformed from your home at your convince and is considered on-going maintenance.
  • Along with our administrative logs, we will expect a monthly report for us and the client of progress and performance.
  • Pay is contracted monthly per client and you may set your own rate. We know our clients well and can work with you on the proper rate if necessary.
  • We will sell you're services to new clients and to our existing client base. We currently have several clients that need addressing immediately.
  • We are only looking for one (1) person to fill this position exclusively.
  • You can be an independent contractor or already running your own business.
  • You must be local to Colorado Springs or Denver.

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Department: Website Design Hide Positions
Position: Freelance Graphic Designer

Job Summary

ILGM is looking for a talented freelance graphic designer that can assist our design team with creating high-level designs for our CMS for local and national clients. This work is for hire on a project by project basis. This freelance position work would be from your location (home or office).


  • Assist with creative projects ranging from simple SOHO designs to more complex Classic designs
  • Graphics for video presentations
  • Eblast and corporate sales materials
  • Deliver high quality web designs built for online sites using the iControl WebStudio platform in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format
  • Some print ads and trade show material


  • 2-3 years of Graphic Design Experience for the Web
  • Link to an online Portfolio that demonstrates your strengths in web and in print
  • Expert knowledge of PhotoShop, Illustrator and/or InDesign
  • Experience with Dreamweaver or other HTML authoring software is a plus
  • Expert knowledge of HTML & CSS is a plus
  • Up to date on online advertising ad trends that work
  • Ability to multi-task and work on several projects at once
  • Experience in Email eblast production a plus

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